Natural Resources Min. corrects erosion issues in Wisroc, Linden

—Residents commend timely intervention

DPI, Guyana, Monday, December 30, 2019

The Ministry of Natural Resources has rehabilitated the main access road in Wisroc, Phase Two, Linden with more than 50 percent of the eroded roadway upgraded to concrete.

Residents, earlier in the year, had called on the government to intervene since the situation was affecting their daily routines and livelihoods.

Rains had washed more than half of the road into a gully, and even nearby homes were affected with at least two houses displaying cracks in their walls.

The Regional Democratic Council,  Region 10, had started the road work but could not continue and the Natural Resources Ministry stepped in to complete the project after consultations.

Regional Executive Officer, Orrin Gordon, relayed his appreciation for the ministry’s assistance and stated that the engineering solution employed would ensure that the water flow into the gully would be significantly decreased and sediments trapped.

DPI understands that the engineers utilised concrete to rebuild the eroded section of the road by reinstating the base and sub-base. A concrete road-side drain and soak away outlet system to drain water into the gully were also installed.

A series of culvert tubes to channel the water into the gully were added and concrete boxes constructed as sedimentation chambers to trap sediment. The chambers are to be cleaned occasionally.

One resident, Lester Solomon said, “We are extremely grateful that the government would have stepped in and answered our call as you can see it is a proper job they did here, we know for sure this would not happen back any time soon, because of the work they put out.”

Constituency Eight Councillor Gary King also hailed the corrective work and added that he was satisfied with the time in which it was completed.