New Guyana School’s construction programme timely, welcomed −Min Croal

announces CHPA’s sponsorship of three employees

The Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA) is sponsoring three of its employees to complete the New Guyana School’s (NGS) Project Management for Construction Professionals programme.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal made this announcement during the official launch of the programme at the school’s campus in Houston Gardens, Greater Georgetown on Monday evening.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal addressing the students at the newly launch of the programme

During his address, Minister Croal expressed his satisfaction with the new course and its potential to benefit Guyana’s construction industry and complement the government’s efforts to promote affordable housing.

While commending NGS for introducing the programme, Minister Croal said it is ‘timely and welcomed,’ noting that the initiative is in line with the government’s vision to provide opportunities for all citizens to become homeowners.

He also noted that the government’s support in the housing sector has led to an increased demand for contractors with the technical knowledge required to execute projects successfully.

“What happens when we are not able to deliver on a construction? It affects the government’s spending, public sector investment spending, and overrun, we will have quality assurance issues. So, the greatest challenge I see is poor planning, it starts there…and that’s why I started by saying this programme is timely,” Minister Croal said.

He also mentioned some of the measures and initiatives implemented to ensure the effective implementation of construction projects, including the development of an electronic single-window planning and permission system. This system will help streamline the process of obtaining permits and approvals for construction projects.

The Project Management for Construction Professionals course will cover the fundamentals of project management and its role in construction. Students will learn strategies for effective planning, approaches for managing project risks and minimising project delays, and best practices for communicating with stakeholders and team members, among other topics.