New Lima Hospital to be operational by first quarter of next year

The new modern hospital that is being constructed at Lima on the Essequibo Coast should be competed and operational by the first quarter of next year.

Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony noted that the hospital is one of six being built in the country, and will benefit persons from as far as Region One.

Minister of Health Dr Frank Anthony speaks with the media

He stated the location was decided on as it was difficult to find available land at Anna Regina. However, it is close and it will be easier to access.

“We’re working to finish this by the end of the year. We have the team from Sinopharm and CAMCE. They are working to complete this by the end of the year…We have just completed the list of equipment that would be in the hospital…While we are building out the facility. So, once the facility is completed, equipment would be installed and then we have to bring the staff in and start operating the facility,” Dr Anthony stated.

The team which visited the site for the new hospital at Lima, Region Two

The hospital is expected to serve the health needs of the people in that part of the country with a number of new services.

“We will have a 24 hours accident and emergency service. We will have new imaging services, so that would improve how we could make diagnosis for various medical conditions,” he stated.

Minister Anthony inspects the works

The hospital will feature the most modern equipment, digital X-rays, and CT scans. It will also feature a comprehensive laboratory which will deliver faster results.

It will be outfitted with 75 impatient beds catering for male, female, medical, surgical, pediatrics, orthopedics etc.  There will be two operating theatres for surgeries and a minor theatre. The hospital will also offer outpatient clinics among other services.

The contractor discussion with the Minister and team

Once completed, the hospital will have its backup power supply, water treatment and waste disposal system.

“I have no doubt that once we complete it, that it would add significantly to the services that we can provide here. Of course, once the facility is finished, we will have a number of persons being employed here…nurses, doctors, allied healthcare workers and a whole host of people to make this facility function,” Dr Anthony stated.

Workers on the site

Meanwhile, Minister within the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development Anand Persaud noted that the health sector is a priority for government and it will be a game changer for Essequibo.

“It will alleviate transportation to Georgetown or even in Region Two for emergency… before they get to Georgetown for more delicate intervention, you will have all the amenities here like CT scan, hopefully MRI, and fully equipped with doctors and nurses. So, I think it’s an excellent initiative and health care is on the move not only in Region Two but throughout Guyana” he stated.