New mobile app to improve Ministry of Labour service delivery

The Ministry of Labour is taking a step towards improving service delivery with the implementation of the Digital Complaint and Inspection Management System (DCIMS), and its user-friendly mobile application.

This technological measure will enhance the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of the ministry, by revolutionising the present system of filing labour complaints.

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton, delivering his budget debate presentation

This was announced by Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton, during the 2024 budget debates presentation in the National Assembly on Monday.

“In 2024 digital complaint and inspection management system with mobile application will be implemented. The system will allow for real-time data which can be used to develop strategies and also to inform policymakers,” Minister Hamilton underlined.

Additionally, the labour minister stated that the mobile application is tailored for the public, workers, and employers to have a platform that makes it easier to report labour violations and complaints.

Workers will be able to communicate their challenges directly with labour inspectors with the help of photo and video evidence, track the progression of the complaints, and have access to a comprehensive knowledge of labour laws to understand their rights.

The government has received almost 50 per cent fewer complaints with a total of 3103 complaints over the last three years in comparison to the previous administration totalling 5497 in their first three years in office.

Measures taken by the government demonstrate the Ministry of Labour’s commitment to protecting worker rights and creating a fairer and more just labour market.