NIS fully reopens all Offices

The National Insurance Scheme is pleased to announce that effective January 4, 2021, all NIS offices will be fully reopened.

The same day will also mark the commencement of our Pensions’ week for the month of January 2021.

To ensure that we all operate in a safe and healthy environment, All COVID 19 protocols will be observed. The following must be carefully noted:-

  1. All persons entering the compound will be required to visit the hand washing stations or sanitizing dispensers that are installed at the entrance of our compounds.
  2.  Each person will be required to take a temperature test on entering the compound.
  3. Tents and chairs will be set up to accommodate our customers and facilitate social distancing.
  4. Members of the public though permitted to enter the building will be monitored to avoid overcrowding.

NIS wishes to thank everyone for exercising patience during the period of interruption. The Management and Staff extend a rewarding 2021 to all Guyanese.