No outbreaks or reported illness in Canal Number One, following flooding

DPI, Guyana, Friday, December 29, 2017

The Regional authorities of the West Demerara – Essequibo Islands Region have conducted assessments into the recent flooding of Canal Number One. Reports indicated that due to increased rainfall over the last week, lowing-lying areas including the conservancy dam at Canal Number One have been flooded.

Desilting of drains underway to alleviate flooding in Canal #1 region Three.

Thus far, there have been minor losses in livestock and damage to property as a result of the inundation. In an effort to guard against outbreaks of flood-related illnesses, the Ministry of Public Health has been monitoring the situation in the region.

A team from the Ministry of Public Health visited the Manram Memorial Health Centre, in Canal Number One, to ensure it is equipped with the necessary drugs in the case of a possible outbreak and to prevent flood-related illnesses.

Region Three Member of Parliament and Advisor to the Minister of Public Health, John Adams remarked that “We were informed that there is a quantity of basic drugs that would be needed in the event of vomiting, diarrhoea, leptospirosis.”

Adams further assured that the health facility is fully prepared since the regional authorities have ensured that the centre’s stock levels have been met and ready “for any eventualities as a result of the flooding.”

Meanwhile, efforts are in place to alleviate the flooding in the area. Regional Executive Officer, Denis Jaikarran noted that officials have been on the ground since last Friday, addressing the needs of some flood-affected persons.

Jaikarran added that this is likely to continue as the rainy season persists. “We are on top of the situation and we are going to continue to monitor the situation, we are going to continue to provide resources in an effort to have relief and the lowering of the water in the canal, we are going to do the same thing to canal number two so that the people of both canal number one and two would have that level of relief,” the REO explained.

Regional Health Officer, Ravindra Dudhnauth advised that persons residing in flood-affected areas take the necessary precautionary measures to prevent flood-related illnesses.

He detailed the specified water treatment methods, including boiling or adding bleach. He also advised that residents in the affected areas should avoid unnecessary contact with these flood waters.

“If you have any symptoms of fever, vomiting or diarrhoea we advise you to come to the health centre as soon as possible,” Dudhnauth said.

Other personnel and government officials will continue to visit the Canal Number One area to bring further relief to the residents.

Flood affected citrus farmlands.

John Adams, Advisor to Minister of Public Health and Region Three Member of Parliament.


By: Delicia Haynes


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