North and South Timehri road woes to be addressed shortly

Minister of Public Works Bishop Juan Edghill,  MP on Wednesday established two committees in North and South Timehri, that will work along with the ministry to address road issues.

Residents of Timehri South told the minister that the main road is in a deplorable condition which they attributed to the improper drainage which damages the road when it rains.

Minister of Public Works Bishop Juan Edghill MP inspecting the road in Timehri South

As a solution, Minister Edghill said, “the engineers are going to come back with the design team, they will walk the full distance, take the recommendations for the various solutions. So, somewhere in three weeks’ time, we should be able to have a design, a cost and we will be able to know how we go forward.

If it cannot be accommodated with what is available in the 2021 budget, we will have to factor it in for the 2022 budget, so we have to be able to get that done quickly,” he stated.

Mr. Tilak Persaud of Timehri South said the input of residents on the design of the road is welcomed since they best understand the situation in the community.

Mr. Tilak Persaud

“The approach is very good because the fact that this area is a hilly and sandy area, building a road in this area is not as building a road on clay soil. When the rain falls it tends to wash away  (the soil)with the rain water. So, the design and the structure of building a road in this area has to be something of a top-notch level approach,” Mr. Persaud said.

Over, in North Timehri, a similar approach was taken by the Minister after residents complained about the condition of the main access road. The road is a fair-weather one which the minister committed to have rehabilitated.

Part of the road in Timehri North to be rehabilitated

This will be done following consultations with residents, Minister Edghill said.

“The engineers will carry out an inspection and we can get the road graded and shaped… we have low-lying areas that need materials to build it up and if there is a need for water crossing the road, you will get the tubes and we will be able to cross it,” he stated.

Residents of Timehri North welcomed the intervention by the minister to make the road passable. Other issues raised by residents, the minister assured, will be directed to the respective ministers so they could be addressed.