North Georgetown Secondary hosts first Business Fair

(January 15, 2020) – The North Georgetown Secondary School today held its first Business Fair at the school to encourage students to become entrepreneurs.

According to the head of the Business Department at the school, Ms. Dawn Monplaisir, the fair is designed to help students in the business stream to put into practice what they learn in the classroom.

She said that each group was tasked to be innovative and creative. According to the Head of Department, the business idea had to be conceptualized which is catered for in the syllabus.

She explained that the students were required to conduct research, followed by a feasibility student and also determine their target group for their product. She said that all these steps were important for the students to develop their business plan which includes marketing, all of which are covered in the syllabus.

Headteacher of the school, Ms. Willa Batson said that being a business teacher she was delighted by the practical exercise. She said that it allows the students to have a holistic understanding of entrepreneurship, from research straight on to product creation, packaging, pricing and selling.

She said that the idea is a job well done and encouraged the students to use what they have learnt to become entrepreneurs individually or as a group.

Some of the products that were created by the various groups of fifth form students were bath soaps, facial cleansers, hair products, health shakes, body scrubs, wines and scented candles.

The Fair was not limited to just students of the North Georgetown Secondary School to view the items but neighbouring schools were also invited to participate in the exercise.