Ogle to Eccles Road construction progresses

─ President Ali updated by engineers during site visit

Construction of the US$106.4 million East Bank to East Coast Road Linkage Project [Ogle to Eccles (Haags Bosch) road network] is moving apace, as the project is currently in its land-clearing phase.

His Excellency, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali paid a visit to the site on Tuesday, where he engaged engineers on the ground with how works are progressing.

President Ali engaged engineers on the site of the Ogle to Eccles road

To date, some 6.5 km have been cleared of the 7.8km main alignment.

A portion of the site before the land-clearing exercise

Prefabricated vertical drains (PVD) are also being installed along the main alignment, to accelerate the primary settlement of the soil.

PVDs are plastic strips that act as drainage paths to take pore water, or water held between gaps of particles in soil and rock, out of soft, compressible soils.

A cleared section of the land with PVDs installed

Providing the update, Technical Services Manager, Ministry of Public Works, Nigel Erskine, added that all the land required to facilitate the project has been acquired.

The president was assured that works are progressing, as the contractor pushes to have the project delivered on time and within the allocated budget.

Highlighting the significant progress that has been made, President Ali said, “This is why they have to work 24 hours. We had a number of difficulties in constructing these roads because not only are we below sea level, but our drainage system in the backlands, where most of the development is coming, is very different, so all of that has to be taken into consideration.

The Ogle to Eccles access road is expected to open up new lands for endeavours in agriculture, housing, and oil and gas development. Over two years, the alignment will be converted to an asphaltic concrete road, linking the Eugene F. Correia International Airport with the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA).

It will be a four-lane road, with each lane being 3.6 m wide. In addition to a median, the road will also feature sidewalks and supporting structures.

The project is being undertaken by Ashoka Buildcon Limited with guidance from RITES Limited in association with CB & Associates Inc.