On to Hammerhead -Drillship going for 9th ExxonMobil strike 

DPI, Guyana, Thursday, June 21, 2018

With another successful oil discovery under its belt the ExxonMobil-contracted drillship Stena Carron is off to a new target, Hammerhead-1, located nine miles southwest of Liza 1.

The news comes the same day ExxonMobil announced a discovery at its latest target Longtail and revealed that combined with the nearby Turbot this would amount to an additional 500 Million barrels of reserves.  ExxonMobil is now accelerating exploration activity with an additional drill rig expected in the next few months. This would mean two engaged in exploration while another rig develops the Lisa (1) field set to start production in early 2020. ExxonMobil’s success rate in the Stabroek Block at 80 percent is the envy of an industry that averages 20-25 percent. It currently holds proven reserves of 3.2 Billion barrels and this is sure to climb with the additional discoveries including Ranger where ExxonMobil will drill an additional well to establish its size.

The eight discoveries to date are as follows Liza, Payara, Liza Deep, Snoek, Turbot, Ranger and Pacora.  The Stabroek Block is 6.6 Million acres (26,800 square kilometres) and located approximately 120 miles (193 kilometres) offshore Guyana.

Oil production is planned to begin in early 2020 with revenues for the country to begin being used for transformative development projects soon after.  Local operator ExxonMobil’s affiliate, Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited (EEPGL) is the operator of the Stabroek Block, holding a 45% interest, Hess Guyana Exploration Ltd. holds 30 percent interest and CNOOC Nexen Petroleum Guyana Limited holds 25 percent interest.