Opposition destroyed the socioeconomic  fabric of the country

– PPP/C Govt is building it back stronger, more prosperous than before – Min McCoy

Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Public Affairs, Kwame McCoy, told the National Assembly Wednesday evening that the PPP\C Government brought back the livelihood of Guyanese that was destroyed during the APNU+AFC 2015 to 2020 reign.

Contributing to the ongoing 2024 budget debates, Minister McCoy explained that the opposition continues to boast of its unfulfilling promises.

Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Public Affairs, Kwame McCoy making a point in the National Assembly Wednesday evening

“For the duration of this debate…They jumped high…claiming to be representing the constituencies when in fact these same self-righteous masqueraders were the ones who placed and moved more than 200 taxes around the people’s necks. Took away the people’s grants, took away the electricity subsidies from our pensioners, took water subsidy…the APNU+AFC Government took away the livelihoods of small minors,” Minister McCoy robustly argued.

The minister stated that it is the APNU+AFC’s lack of vision and creativity that has it in the opposition benches.

Minister McCoy said budget 2024 will shatter ceilings in the most beneficial and impactful way.

“Budget 2024 has shattered every conceivable ceiling Guyana has ever been constrained by since our Independence with provisions for the exponential growth of every sector, and measures that create an enabling environment for our young people to emerge boldly and for their various social statuses to begin thriving,” the public affairs minister expressed.

He noted that with the many allocations listed for the various sectors, the PPP\C Government has restored the dignity of the citizens.

According to him, the process of transformation is not easy. However, the administration is certainly making strides and seeing that the progress is working for the development of people.

“This budget is a budget for all the people of Guyana. If you go through this budget every person in our country has something to benefit from, something to enhance their lives, something worthwhile to their families…Something for everyone,” the minister stated. 

He said the government will continue to engage stakeholders across the country to review the policies and programmes, to address pressing issues.