Opposition needs to ‘explicitly’ recognise legitimacy of PPP/C Gov’t – President Ali

-Gov’t remains open to discussions with Opposition

His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali today said the Opposition APNU+AFC needs to “explicitly” recognise and acknowledge the legitimacy of the PPP/C Administration.

The President was responding to questions posed by the media regarding discussions with the Opposition on matters pertaining to Guyana’s territorial integrity and engagements with international oil and gas companies operating offshore.

President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali during his interaction with the media on Thursday.

President Ali said he has continuously reached out to the Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Joseph Harmon, and he referenced several statements to that effect.

“The Leader of the Opposition has a choice you know; he has a choice. Let me be very clear on this, he has choice. Sometimes, we have to decide what is foolhardy and what we really want to achieve.

I don’t know what bubble he is in, but I am sure the Leader of the Opposition is aware, like the rest of the world, that he trampled upon democracy.”

President Ali said Mr. Harmon has the responsibility to his supporters to come clean about what transpired following the March 2, 2020 General and Regional Elections and the plot to derail democracy in Guyana.

He added that the world has celebrated the triumph of democracy in Guyana and the inauguration of the legitimately-elected Government, but the Opposition is yet to acknowledge its error in delaying and attempting to usurp the democratic process.

“How long are you going the continue on this road? How long are you going to continue to deny yourself the truth and sell your narrative that is filled with such falsehood?

I am ready to speak to every Guyanese and I have been doing that; the question is, is the Leader of the Opposition ready to speak to the legitimately-elected Government?”

President Ali said his vision is to have a Guyana that is better for the Opposition, media, sugar workers, public servants and everyone. However, he noted that for this to happen all stakeholders must play their part.  

In response to statements attributed to the Opposition Leader that he has written to him on several occasions, President Ali said, “I am saying to you now that the Leader of the Opposition needs to recognise the Government and the President and I don’t want any implicit recognition, he must go out there publicly and say that the Government is legitimate…and then let’s talk.”

The President reissued the call to the Opposition Leader to do the “right thing” and desist from pushing the false narrative, which is being circulated on social media platforms and other fora.

The PPP/C Administration was sworn in to office in August 2020 following a five-month wait characterised by legal battles, a recount of ballots, declarations of incorrect results and other events which unfolded following the March 2, 2020 polls.