Over $1.8B in non-traditional commodities exported in 2023

Guyana exported over $1.8 billion in non-traditional commodities in 2023 to meet the growing demand for new crops.

The disclosure of monies earned in exportation was made by Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha on Saturday, December 30, 2023.

Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha looking at some of the non-traditional commodities in Guyana’s market

Minister Mustapha, was at the time hosting the ministry’s end-of-year press conference, listing the achievements of the agriculture sector at the ministry’s head office on Brickdam.

“From January to November 2023, Guyana’s export of non-traditional agricultural commodities totals 8,926 metric tons which is valued at US$1,862 million or US $8.8 million,” the agriculture minister disclosed.

The high value of commodities exported demonstrates the country’s progress towards achieving food security within the Caribbean region.

Minister Mustapha meeting with agro-processors during the Guyana Market Corporation’s 11th Anniversary in 2023

Additionally, the minister stressed that agro-processing and marketing continue to be a vital area to the development of the industry.

As such, the government invested heavily in 2023 to meet the needs of these agro-processors and their markets.

“We have invested approximately $589.5 million to increase opportunities for our agro-processors and exporters,” Minister Mustapha noted.

Some non-traditional commodities that were packaged in Guyana and exported during 2023

Some of the opportunities consist of ensuring that their products are well packaged to meet International Standards Organisation (ISO) quality.

The minister said that based on the exportation and agro-processing statistics for the past year, Guyana is on the right track to leading CARICOM in food security.

“Since 2020 Guyana has emerged as the leader in CARICOM, advancing the agri-food system agenda. We are a leading voice in prioritising food security and position in the agriculture sector,” the minister posited.