Over 1,000 households receive solar panels in Moruca, Region One

Some 1,030 households from various villages in the Moruca sub-district, Region One now have access to reliable, stable electricity, as solar photovoltaic (PV) home systems along with accessories were distributed. 

This intervention not only promotes the use of renewable energy but also aids in bridging the gap between the coast and hinterland regions.

Some 147 panels were distributed to Koko, 245 to Haimacabra and other islands, 360 to Manawarin, 96 to Mora, 74 to Waikrebi, 4 to Father’s Beach, 55 to Assakata, and 49 to Chinese Landing. 

Solar panels and accessorises distributed in Region One

The Department of Public Information (DPI) spoke to several beneficiaries on Tuesday who expressed that the panels will significantly benefit them, especially the children.

Charlie Hill shared, “We will use it, especially for the children who study at night. This will help them in their education. I must say a big thank you to the team for coming and handing over the panels to us.”

June Williams of Haimacabra expressed that the panel is a huge form of improvement for them, due to its size.

“I feel great…Before today, we had a small panel. But today, I am happy that we have a bigger panel. Our children will have better access to study in the night,” she added.

Candy James, also of Haimacabra, pointed out, “Instead of using lamps, we will be using current. I am so thankful for the panels because it is a good initiative for everyone here.  We will try our best to use it in the right manner.”

Toshao of Waikrebi Village, Eric Williams highlighted that all the households will be grateful for the panels, as they were anxiously awaiting them.

Meanwhile, Community Development Council (CDC) chairperson of Father’s Beach Village, Jenny Vansluytman highlighted that the panels will benefit her community a great deal, especially with the ongoing heatwave.

She emphasised,”Those solar panels are very timely at this point. I would like to say that we are grateful to the Government of Guyana for having the foresight to procure these things for us.”

During the first distribution exercise at Koko and Islands Community Centre, Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal underlined that the initiative signals yet another commitment being delivered by the government towards the development of Amerindians.

Minister Croal noted that children will be able to maximise this opportunity to study for their examinations. 

“It is intended for every household. More importantly, it is to help you and your children’s development. The most impact this will have is on our children.”

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal addressing the residents during the solar panel distribution

The minister further urged the beneficiaries to maintain the solar panels to ensure long-term usage.

Government continues to implement a myriad of programmes while injecting huge sums to ensure that Amerindian communities continue to develop.

“This intervention that you are seeing is an investment of $1.6 billion for this programme.”

The 160-watt solar systems will ensure that the households in these remote communities are energy-secured. 

Solar panels and accessorises distributed in Region One

Meanwhile, Regional Vice Chairman, Annasha Peters noted that the distribution marks a major intervention.

Speaking to the parents, Peters emphasised that, “residents will now have sufficient current to last throughout the night… Children will also have the opportunity to study…Let them take advantage of it…let your children develop a habit of studying in the evening.”

Kumaka was the first community in the region to receive solar panels, last month. 

Solar panels and accessorises distributed in Region One

Community Service Officers (CSOs) were also trained to assist with the installation of the panels. 

Some 30,000 households in the hinterland, rural, and riverine communities are expected to benefit from the Solar Home Systems Project. The project was made possible following the signing of a US$7.2 million credit agreement between the Governments of Guyana and India, facilitated by the Exim Bank.