Over 143 small business owners in Region Three access cash grants

The government distributed grants totalling over $30 million to small business owners of Region Three in Santa Mission, leguaan, and Wakenaam.

This distribution was done through the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce under the Small Business Bureau at the Uitvlgt Community Centre Ground on Thursday.

Regional Executive Officer, Jagnarine Somwar hands over the grant to a recipient on Thursday

The government remains committed to developing the small business sector, one of the major contributors to the development of Guyana.

Poultry Farmer, Bibi Hoosain told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that this grant was an encouragement for her business.

“I felt nice. It was a great help to start my business. It is a really good push. This is something really good they are doing to help a lot of people in small business,” she said.

Poultry Farmer, Bibi Hoosain

Similarly, boutique owner, Monarka Boyce told DPI this grant is a great push for her small business.

“I am grateful for the opportunity. This will be a great push for my small business. I think it is a great initiative. They are giving back to the people of the country” Boyce stated.

Boutique owner, Monarka Boyce

Grocery shop owner, Ryan Daniels, was eager to utilise the cash grant he received from the government for the expansion of his business.

“I am feeling great because this grant will give me a great push for my small business. The government is doing a great job so far at helping out the entrepreneurs” he expressed.

Grocery shop owner, Ryan Daniels

Another Salon owner, Taesha Paddy encouraged others to take advantage of this opportunity.

“I am grateful to receive this so that I can be able to purchase stuff to improve my business. I think it is a great initiative and persons should come in because they will benefit from it in the future” Paddy urged.

Salon owner, Taesha Paddy

Additionally, the Regional Chairman, Sheik Ayube praised the leadership of Minister Walrond for her commitment to the small business sector.

“Today is evident what the Ministry of Tourism is doing through prudent leadership of Minster Walrond and the staff”, he said.

He further articulated that the government is fulfilling their promise of improving the standard of living of all Guyanese.

“One must not forget, however, that this initiative was an initiative that was brainchild by this government in giving service to people that need to be served so they can serve others” he affirmed.