Over $18M in projects commissioned in Aishalton

More than $18 million in projects was on Wednesday commissioned in the village of Aishalton, Deep South Rupununi, Region Nine, by Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai.

The construction of these projects was supported by the Presidential Grant initiative and other financial support from the government through the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs.

Minister Sukhai officially opened a $9 million guest house, a $1.8 million conference hall and benab, a $5 million petroglyph facility, and a $3 million catering and village kitchen, among other major developmental projects.

The guest house commissioned in Aishalton village

She expressed satisfaction that the villagers have utilised the funds for the development of both themselves and their community.

“I want to congratulate all of you, including your toshao, vice toshao, and the councillors. Because it takes good leadership to ensure that these sums are expended efficiently and that you can complete your projects in a timely manner,” she added.

Minister Sukhai stressed that the continuous development of Aishalton over the past three years should be a motivation to other villages, noting that the village has been performing exceptionally well with the same amount of funds that were given to other communities.

“No matter how much you get whether a large sum or a small sum the projects are being completed. And I can tell you that even when we don’t provide financial support, I’ve seen the initiative of the village council and toshao being conceptualised to complete community mini-projects for the people,” the minister proffered.

Catering and kitchen facility commissioned in Aishalton

Highlighting that Region Nine is becoming an eco-tourism destination, Regional Chairman, Brian Allicock said such is being done due to the help that the indigenous communities have been receiving from the government.

“With these entities that have been commissioned, more people will be employed. The other day I looked at the tourism association and Aishalton now has been registered and is part of that association. So, people could come to Aishalton now where different packages are offered to the tourists,” the regional chairman stated. He urged the villagers to work closely with each other to build and develop more products while sustaining those that are already existing.