Over 35 La Parfaite Harmonie women trained in garment construction

Over 30 women from La Parfaite Harmonie, Region Three are now equipped with garment construction skills after completing the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security’s WOMEN’s Innovation and Investment Network (WIIN) programme.

The women completed the course in September, according to representative of the Guyana Women’s Leadership Institute, Sherry Dean.

“We had 35 women trained last month in the area of garment construction. That is definitely an accomplishment for this community,” Dean told residents during a community outreach last Thursday.

Sherry Dean, Guyana Women’s Leadership Institute’s Women Innovation and Investment Network (WIIN) Programme

Residents were informed that WIIN is available both online and in person for all courses except garment construction. These include child care, care for the elderly, graphic design, social media marketing, entrepreneurship, and project management.

WIIN provides women with economic benefits through entrepreneurial development and access to financing opportunities for financial independence. It also creates an enabling environment to help them up their self-confidence and individuality.

The number of courses offered to women is increasing every year. In the initial year, 2,170 persons were trained. In Regions Two 409; Three 320; Four 588; Five 345, and Six 307.

In 2022, the programme saw a 62 per cent increase in participants with over 10,000 persons applying. Region Four had the highest number of persons trained at 937, while Regions Three and Five each had over 500 persons trained. In the hinterland, over 350 persons were trained.

Region Nine saw an increase of 532 per cent, while Region Seven saw 396 per cent and Region Ten 335 per cent. Last year, some 758 persons were trained in child care while 563 persons were trained in graphic design and 523 in care for the elderly.