Over 400 subscribed to RESOLV traffic app to date

Over 400 persons are now subscribed to the RESOLV digital notification software and are benefitting from real-time traffic alerts.

This was disclosed by Programme Manager, Mark Greene during an interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI) on Wednesday.

He said the app has proven effective in keeping the public informed, especially given the rapid infrastructural development ongoing in several areas, including the east bank corridor.

The alerts are sent in a message blast format so that persons can be made aware of detours and which sections of the road are closed.   

“From our end, the feedback has always been positive because once you can tell people ahead of time that their movements may be restricted, they are always appreciative,” Greene explained.

He added that a key area of focus is expanding the reach of the programme, and stakeholder consultations usually present a golden opportunity to increase subscribership.

“What is key is publicising the app and getting more subscribers to expand our reach. So, generally, what we do is, depending on the area in which we are working, when we have consultations, we add to the list those persons who attended the consultations,” he relayed.

This tool is just one of the numerous measures implemented by the government to promote safety on Guyana’s roadways. Earlier this year, the Guyana Road Safety Diagnostic and Action Plan was launched to bolster road safety measures.

The consultancy for this plan will see key risks, and areas for improvement, and will promote an overhaul, expansion, and modernisation of the country’s road safety legislation.

The app will prove useful in facilitating the proper implementation of this plan.

The RESOLV digital notification software was launched in October 2022, and was a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Public Works and the Inter-American Development Bank. It is being utilised to provide traffic alerts for ongoing works along the east bank corridor.

The software was developed by a local tech firm, V7 Inc, and can be activated via Whatsapp-compatible QR codes or messaging “subscribe me” directly to the RESOLV Whatsapp number +1 (786)-244-6125.