Over $450M in roads for Mainstay, Capoey – President Ali

-residents welcome investment

Over $450 million in contracts have been signed to construct roads in Mainstay/Whyaka and Capoey, Region Two.

The construction of the roads is not only the fulfilment of a commitment made by President Dr Irfaan Ali back in May, but will significantly improve the livelihood of hundreds of residents in the two communities.

President Dr Irfaan Ali addressing residents at the Mainstay/Whyaka Heritage Village celebration

The announcement was made by the president as he joined hundreds to celebrate Heritage Village Day in Mainstay/Whyaka as part of Amerindian Heritage Month.

“We have awarded the contract for the Mainstay Road and we have awarded a contract for the Capoey Road…More than $450 million have been awarded to give you these two roads here in Mainstay and Capoey,” the president told those gathered for the celebrations.

President Ali said the money was recently approved when the government approached the National Assembly for supplementary funding.

The roads will play a major role in improving accessibility and boosting the economic prospects of the communities which are both heavy dependent on tourism and agriculture.

The PPP/C government since taking office has emphasised the development of agriculture and tourism throughout the country. This is also reflected in successive budgetary allocations.

“This will transform the community, this will bring ease of access, this will bring the development we are talking about,” President Ali stated.

The investment by the government was immediately welcomed by residents who said the roads have been in deplorable condition for many years.

Long-time resident Annastacia Joseph said it has been years since the community has been asking for the road to be done.

“Sometimes the road be so terrible that vehicle doesn’t even want to take you out. I work at the health centre and if we have an emergency with the road condition… It is so terrible that the vehicle could not go fast enough. So, it is a big help for us,” she said.

Joseph explained that with the road, tourism is expected to be boosted as people will be able to access the popular lake without hindrance.

“It will attract more visitors, you know they always complain about the road. They want to come to the lake but the road is in a bad state. So, it would be really helpful to us, the residents of this community,” an elated Joseph stated.

Kishana Fernandes shared similar sentiments. She expressed satisfaction that school children will be able to better access education when the roads are fixed.

“Right now the road is a disaster for the community, especially for school children and with the road right now they meet late. As the president said, he will be fixing the road for us,  that would be a great relief on us,” Fernandes said.

The PPP/C government in its manifesto committed to building and developing 2000 kilometres of hinterland roads.

Budget 2022 had allocated some $76.7 billion for roads and bridges throughout the country. This year’s Heritage month is being celebrated under the theme ‘Celebrating our traditional culture while building One Guyana’.