Over 500 residents of Swan Village benefitting from govt’s WifiGY

More than 500 residents of Swan Village along the Soesdyke-Linden Highway are now benefitting from the government’s WifiGY initiative which was launched there on Saturday.

The undertaking aims to make internet connectivity convenient, accessible, and free for all residents, ultimately bridging the digital divide in the community.

WifiGY opens doors to a wealth of information and opportunities, and Swan residents now have the means to stay informed, access educational resources, and leverage the internet for personal and community endeavours.

The facility where WifiGY was launched at Swan Village

Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Public Affairs, Kwame McCoy underscored that the initiative holds tremendous potential for the village’s growth and development.

During his keynote address at the launching ceremony, Minister McCoy said the additional feature is a fundamental element that creates a wholesome community and improves residents’ quality of life.

“You have the opportunity to access government services through this very facility and so you can go online and fill out forms. And what you see here today will improve in the future. It would not be static; it will get better. At the end of the day, the government will forever be concerned about your welfare.”

Minister McCoy engaging residents of Swan Village following the launch of WifiGY there

Minister McCoy highlighted the government’s commitment to taking development directly to the people, emphasising that the WifiGY initiative assumes a significant role within the development paradigm.

The availability of reliable internet will boost residents’ confidence, and enable them to enhance their education through online research, especially those who are pursuing the Guyana Online Academy for Learning (GOAL) scholarship programmes.

Minister McCoy stressed that the initiative even presents opportunities for community members to collaborate, exchange ideas, and foster innovation.

“It is important for us to recognise that the development that we are celebrating has come about because of the philosophy of the government that you have elected.  Our philosophy is one that believes in taking development to people, making sure that people move from one step to the other.

“Altogether this should be a tool that is used to enhance our relationship as a family, and as a community and it should be celebrated. I want all of you to take advantage of this facility,” the public affairs minister underscored.

Elated residents of Swan Village during the launch of WifiGY

As the project advances in the village, improvements will be made to enhance its functionality and address any potential challenges. An information communications technology (ICT) hub will also be launched.

Several other communities along the highway will receive similar opportunities, ensuring that they too get connected to the world-wide web.

The government remains committed to continually enhancing the initiative, ensuring that it keeps pace with technological advancements and meets the evolving needs of persons residing in the village.

Meanwhile, Minister McCoy announced that the government is soon embarking on massive road projects valued at over $80 million in the village of Swan.

Minister McCoy joins several residents of Swan Village for a photograph following the launch of WifiGY there