Over $5B in contracts signed for rehabilitation of hinterland, coastal bridges

Approximately $5.6 billion in contracts were on Friday inked for the construction and rehabilitation of several coastland and hinterland bridges, as well as for rehabilitation works on the Kingston wharf.

Coastland and Hinterland Bridges

The construction of bridges from Kurupukari to Lethem is being done in three lots. The contracts totaling over $2.4 billion were awarded to KP Thomas and Sons Contracting Inc, Dax Contracting Services, and Theodore Faria General Contracting Service.

Several of the contract awardees at the Public Works Ministry on Friday

In addition to the contract already signed for the construction of the ‘Blacka Bridge’ in Sophia, two bridges will be constructed within the Diamond/Grove area to accommodate commuters.

Contracts were awarded to O&O General Contracting Services and A&A Engineering Service for these bridges on the East Bank Demerara.

Two other contracts were signed for upgrades at Linden and on the East Coast of Demerara.

Rehabilitation of Public and Main Access Roads

Some $1.8 billion was awarded to Colin Talbot Contracting Service, Surrey Paving & Aggregate Company (Guyana Inc.), Devcon Construction & Contracting Services, SAWA Investment Inc, Vieira 66 Logistics, R&B Investment Inc, AJM Enterprise and Associated Construction Services for the rehabilitation of several public and main access roads. Sections of Aubrey Barker Road, Black Bush Polder, Lamaha Street and Arapaima Street, will see upgrades, as well as Canal No. 1 and Canal No. 2 in Region Three.

Maritime Safety

Further, contracts were signed for construction works at the Transport and Harbours wharf at Kingston, Georgetown. The contract for upgrades to the Kingston Wharf was awarded to Kares Engineering Inc.

Ivor Allen was awarded the $44.1 million contract for the construction of beacons to aid in navigation at Middle Ground.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill assured that this is critical to ensuring viability, especially with the impending arrival of ferries from India.

“This is to ensure that we can be able to give adequate direction and safety,” the minister said.

This forms part of the PPP/C administration’s passionate efforts to advance the modernisation and sustainable development of the country’s infrastructure.

The contract signing exercise was conducted by Minister Edghill, and Permanent Secretary, Vladim Persaud.

The minister outlined the importance of building resilient infrastructure.

Moreover, he stressed that in executing these works, contractors must be sure to work expeditiously to steadily improve the lives of residents living in these communities.

“Nobody is going to sign a contract and park until next year. We don’t rest until we get our work done,” he emphasised.

Further, the public works minister implored all contractors to avoid inconveniencing the residents and urged them to engage communities in the ongoing works. “We should be sensible in our approach in ensuring that when we interrupt people’s lives, it is not for long periods. We have to be mindful that wherever development is going to come, there will be periods of inconvenience and interruption. We have to ensure that we act responsibly to ensure that people’s lives are not interrupted for long periods,” the minister added