Overseas based Guyanese investing in Fort Island Resort

With Guyana experiencing a surge in economic development, an oversees based Guyanese has returned to invest in his homeland.

Sixty-seven-year-old, Keith Eytle has undertaken the construction of the first ever resort on Fort Island, Region Three, to honour his brother, Gordon Eytle’s life goal, of developing an eco-resort in his community.

Owner of Fort Island Resort, Keith Eytle

The $26 million resort will benefit the island significantly as scores of locals will be employed. In addition, visitors will be able to temporarily reside there and explore the island’s culture.

“Fort Island has lots and lots of history and my brother who sadly died, he had this vision to do something for Fort Island. After he died, I thought, well I need to do something to honour him.

I think of all the islands in the Caribbean and Guyana, this place got the most history. It is an island that has been occupied by everybody.”

Once completed, the resort will have five fully furnished suites with air-conditioning, an open gazebo, a benab, and restaurant and bar.

Fort Island Resort lodges owned by Keith and Gordon Eytle in Region Three

In an effort to attract persons to the island, Mr. Eytle has dedicated $12 million more to build another eco-resort at the Dutch fort. Like the Fort Island resort, the new addition will have similar designs and solar panels to retain its eco front. 

 “I am hoping that this resort will be successful. This is not a thing to make money, it is to attract people to visit the island. Once I finish, I am going to build another one down at the Dutch Fort, so we will have roughly ten buildings, ten houses and the benab.”

The resort will provide employment for 25 residents of the island, and is expected to be completed and opened for the Christmas season.

The ultimate daytime getaway offers rooms from as low as $8,000. Persons interested in visiting can make reservations on the resort’s website and Facebook page.

Fort Island Resort restaurant and bar, owned by Keith and Gordon Eytle in Region Three

Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Oneidge Walrond, M.P, during Tourism Awareness Month, visited a number of lodges across the region to scope out areas for improvement.

She reiterated government’s commitment to the development of the tourism sector, which will provide better opportunities for Guyanese.

“Guyana’s tourism sector is on the rise; it sells itself. Wherever the tourist attraction is identified, we will be able to help say ok; these are the steps you will take to make this better. We have to do it incrementally as a government, while we continue to offer and invite private sector to come and help us develop our tourism product in the different regions.”

Several eco-lodges have been established to capture both tourists and locals.