Parents of children with disabilities express gratitude for gov’t’s $100,000 grant  

Scores of parents gathered at a number of locations in Region Four to get their children registered to receive the government’s $100,000 grant for children with disabilities.

Dr. Persaud speaking with registration staff at the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre.

President, Dr. Mohamed Afraan Ali on June 4 announced that every child living with a disability will receive the support.

Speaking with DPI, Parbattie Ramcharram said the cash grant will be a great help, especially to parents who find it difficult to make ends meet.

Minister of human Services and Social Security, Dr. Vindhya Persaud speaking with parent Parbattie Ramcharram.

“It’s something very good that the government decide to give the children them $100, 000 because it’s a lot of help to us as parents, as poor parents … and I want say thanks to the government to support that to we,” she noted.

Parent, Latchmani Amin

Another parent, Latchmani Amin explained that the money will be used to send her son to a special care school. “I want to tell the government he (President) doing a great job, and I appreciate that, and thanks very much for this help because my son had a seizure and his brains has been damaged and now, I get the lil money to go to the special care school,” Amin related.

Parent, Melissa Camacho

Meanwhile, Melissa Camacho said, “it’s something very good cause it assisting a lot of single parents and a lot of children that have needs that is very difficult for their parents to achieve things so it’s a big step and a good programme.”

Parent, Rusco Jeffrey

Rusco Jeffrey said she is grateful for the initiative since children with disabilities have never received such a significant grant.

“I am very grateful, it’s a great initiative for the special, the children with disability I am very grateful for it, I can’t complain because we never had anything like this before.”

The initiative which falls under the purview of the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security is part of the government’s ‘One Guyana’ initiative and seeks to ensure every Guyanese has access to equal opportunities.

Executive Secretary of the National Commission on Disability, Beverly Pile.

Executive Secretary of the National Commission on Disability, Beverly Pile explained that, “It is very important for all the children with disabilities that they should be able to receive this grant…they need it and it’s very important that they receive it, it’s gonna go a very far way for all the children with disability that receive this grant,” Pile told DPI.

Meanwhile, Minister, Dr. Vindhya Persaud M.P., visited the locations to ensure the registration process was progressing smoothly. While there, she interacted with children, parents and registration staff.

The government continues to put measures in place to assist persons with disabilities. Already, the government has increased public assistance, provided training opportunities and assistive aids for those in need, and numerous other initiatives to improve their lives.