Parikwaranau – South Rupununi Community benefits from Ministerial Contributions

The Minister of Natural Resources Hon. Raphael Trotman continues to make considerable efforts to improve the lives of Guyanese living in the Hinterland. Specifically, the Minister on 22.1.2020 visited Parikwaranau, South Rupununi, Region Nine, to engage with residents and deliver on commitments made to the Primary School, Nursery School, and Youth Football club.

During a previous visit on November 23rd 2019, the Minister observed issues with the solar system for the primary school, extreme heat conditions and lack of resting areas in the nursery school, and the need for maintenance of the football field in the area. As such, in direct response to the needs of the students and the community, Minister Trotman arranged this follow up visit to ensure that the aforementioned issues were immediately addressed.

The visit saw a solar installation specialist inspecting the Primary School’s solar system, identifying the fault and making recommendation for the repair. It also allowed for the Minister to deliver two heat extractor fans to alleviate the heat within the Nursery School, and two beds which will allow the infants to better rest during the day. The visit also saw Minister Trotman handing over a brush cutter to the local youth football club, which will assist in the maintenance of the football field.

The Minister is pleased to have been able to visit and make these significant contributions towards the community of Parikwaranau. This successful visit not only allows the residents and students to benefit, but it demonstrates the APNU+AFC Government’s intention towards ensuring that all citizens – regardless of location, are able to experience the good life promised.

In keeping with HE President David Granger’s Decade of Development 2020-2029, it is Minister Trotman’s every intention to continue to contribute and promote measures aimed at solving social issues within hinterland communities.

In 2019, through Minister Trotman, the Parikwaranau community benefited from donations of sporting equipment, plants, farming supplies, books, and a boat by the MNR. Over the years, among this village, other areas within Region Nine that benefited from his Ministerial interventions were Nappi, Toka, Manari, Cashew Grove-Lethem, Sawariwau, and Fairview.

The Minister remains committed to the residents of the hinterland and will continue to do all within his remit to ensure that their potential is realized, allowing for their prosperity.