‘Partnership’ will guide Gov’t on governance – President Ali

His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali says partnership with all sections of society will be the guide for the way the country is governed.

President Ali said there will be high-level consultations with the private sector, trade unions, religious bodies and other civil society groups to address key issues that confront the nation.

President, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali

“I intend also to directly engage communities and community leaders across every village in building trust and deepening relationships to the benefit of the people of those communities and I intend to do this personally, leading this personally; in every village, every community we will build trust, we will win hearts and we will develop in the interest of all of the people of this country,” he said during an address to the National Assembly on Thursday.

He said Ministers of Government are encouraged to have a similar consultative machinery to be well informed when making decisions that affect the lives of the citizens.

Dr. Ali also pointed out that the diaspora will also play a critical role in Guyana’s development. This will be done with the establishment of a Diaspora Council which will engage Government in a structured and regular manner.

Meanwhile, Vice President, Hon. Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo supporting President’s Ali stance on partnership said it is extended to everyone, including supporters of the Opposition.

The APNU+AFC has failed to recognise the legitimately-elected PPP/C administration, even as it has taken up its place in the National Assembly as the Opposition. The Coalition has rejected olive branches extended by the Government on the development of the country.

However, Vice President Jagdeo told reporters after the parliamentary address that if the Government could not get to the Opposition’s supporters through their leaders then Government will go directly to the communities and the people.

Vice President, Hon. Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo

“That is precisely what we intend to do through a formal process where people’s views are gathered in every community, they can talk about development, their insecurities and then we move forward from there, either to constitutional reform or changing of legislation but also to implementing projects in those communities,” the VP said.

He said Government thought that the Opposition would have welcomed President Ali’s visit to Linden to address developmental issues in the town. The VP questioned if the Opposition is urging people to reject the 1,000 houses to be built in the town, and the road projects and job creation initiatives that will enhances their lives. To date, Government has held several outreaches in the town of Linden and other Region Ten communities. The outreaches were led by President Ali and followed up by several Ministers to address the needs of citizens.