Pensioners along East Coast corridor welcome one-off cash grant

As the roll out of the government’s one-off cash grant distribution exercise gets underway for pensioners nationwide, scores of beneficiaries have commended the move and are thankful for the timely support.

The financial gesture will see pensioners receiving $25,000 each, placing much-needed disposable income into the hands of thousands of senior folks.

Pensioners receiving their $25,000 one-off cash grant

The Department of Public Information (DPI) on Monday spoke to several beneficiaries in various communities along the East Coast corridor including Cove and John, Enmore, Melanie, Buxton, and Beterverwagting.

Recipient, Carlton Kato stated that the assistance is timely and will provide significant support during the holiday season.

“At least I would able to give it to my wife. This $25,000 will assist in the Christmas shopping,” an elated Kato stated.

Another senior citizen, Satyadai Singh said, “I get the $25,000 and now I have to go draw my pension and I feel very happy because I am a sickly woman and I am happy that I can get assistance to buy groceries. I thank the president for it.”

One-off cash grant distribution process

Business owner, Monica Wills told DPI that the grant will be used for the enhancement of her business, among other things.

“Well, I am grateful; I give God thanks. I am going to use it to buy more things for my business and multiply it. Hoping that next year we get a bigger one,” Wills emphasised.

Another beneficiary, Lall Baichu expressed sincere gratitude for the grant. “To be honest with you I am a stroke patient and I am really happy about it. I think it is not only great but it is more than great.”

Meanwhile, Ket Singh conveyed that the grant was eagerly anticipated by senior citizens in preparation for the Christmas holiday.

Pension and permanent disability 2024 booklets

“The cash grant will come in so good,” Singh told DPI with a beaming smile. “It is Christmas time, everybody looking forward to something for Christmas and it is what we were looking forward to. This will buy some extra food in the house; the grandkids will have something to benefit from and the whole family will be happy,” Singh added.

Pension and public assistance 2024 booklets are also being distributed.