Pensions in bank accounts for 2020 – Min. Ally

– will ease the hassle at the first of every month

– “It hurts when elderly citizens have to go to the Post Offices and are told that they have to return for their pensions” – Min. Ally

DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Senior citizens will be able to access their pensions via their bank accounts come 2020. Minister of Social Protection, Hon. Amna Ally made this major announcement during an interview on the National Communications Network’s ‘INSIGHT’ programme on Voice of Guyana (VOG).

It was revealed that currently, the ministry is engaging the Bankers Association for pensions to be paid directly to the seniors’ accounts, to ease the hassle at the first of every month.

“We could not have done it this year, neither could we do it for the existing pensioners as yet, because it’s a tedious exercise and we are beginning to distribute pension books early November. However, we will make the service available to persons who will be receiving a pension for the first time in 2020,” the minister explained.

Minister Ally disclosed that an investigation is expected to be launched soon into matters reported to her ministry regarding senior citizens being told to return for monies on ‘pension day’.

She explained that her office has received complaints and is making every effort to address the pressing issue.

“People know when pensions are going to be paid. It hurts when those elderly citizens have to go to the Post Offices and are told that they have to return for their pensions,” she stated.

The minister noted that “in some cases, these actions are being done for political reasons because they want the government to look bad,” and called for an immediate cessation of these practices.

In instances where post offices in interior communities may run out of cash, the minister disclosed that this should no longer be an issue as measures are in place to have this addressed. It was explained that the Postmaster or Mistress can communicate with the Head Office to have the required funds transferred within a short period. She assured that her ministry ensures that adequate monies are dispatched to every post office location, long before the ‘pension day’.