Persons being urged to get boosted as Guyana sees increase in COVID-19  cases

Guyana is currently experiencing an increase in COVID-19 cases, which is leading to more hospitalisation. Health Minister, Dr Frank Anthony is therefore reiterating the call for persons to get boosted.

The minister, on Thursday, said October saw no recorded COVID-19 death and only 87 overall cases. However, November shows an increase.

“In November, this year we already have three deaths and we have 107 cases so far. So, there seems to be an upward tick in terms of cases and in terms of people requiring hospitalisation, Dr Anthony said.

The ministry has since heightened its systems to prepare for this increase and the possibility of more hospitalisations.

“We have put all our doctors and medical personnel, again on alert. The systems at Ocean View Hospital are fully deployed. So, really sick patients would go there. All the units that we have across the country at different regional hospitals are available if people get really sick, he added.

However, despite the increase in cases, people are hardly taking their booster shots. Currently, only 76,131 persons received their first booster dose and only 4,276 have taken a second booster dose.

Persons eligible for third and fourth booster doses are also being urged to take them.

The health minister is encouraging persons to keep themselves immunised by taking a booster shot every four to six months, especially those who have underlying health conditions and may be more vulnerable.

“We haven’t seen a lot of people coming forward to be vaccinated. So, let’s take over the last 24 hours, we have had 63 vaccines being administered and that’s with all the vaccination centres that we have, at this point in time. We are really encouraging people if you have had your vaccines more than six months ago, or four months ago, it is time for you to come back and get either your booster shots or to continue your vaccination,” Dr Anthony said.

Also, arrangements were made to send samples from the three deaths, for genetic sequencing at the Caribbean Public Health Agency.