Plaisance vendors NOT targeted, issued notices to vacate

All illegal vending must cease

The Ministry of Public Works wishes to correct a report made in the Stabroek Newspaper published on Tuesday, June 27, 2023, which indicates and suggests as if only recently vendors from along the Plaisance Line-Top area have been issued with letters to vacate.  

The Ministry wishes to note that several notices to vacate have been made to all vendors along main thoroughfares where major infrastructural works are either underway or to start.

With respect to the East Coast of Demerara, both vendors and residents have been notified of the impending East Coast Road Project (2), which is an extension of the Railway Embankment Road into four lanes from Sheriff Street to Enmore and construction of a four-lane road to Orange Nassau, Mahaica.

Additionally, persons who were noticed expanding their vending operations, as well as yard fencing, have also been cautioned against such practices.

Further to this, there have been several public notices and news reports on this subject, and vendors were notified accordingly and in a timely manner, and any utterances opposing this, is contrary to the truth.

The Ministry wishes to again remind everyone that the road reserve along the entire public road network is the property of the Government of Guyana, and all encroachment on the reserve will be removed. Failure to comply will result in the ministry taking action in accordance with Chapter 51:01 of the Road Act of the Laws of Guyana. And the Ministry will continue to serve these notices wherever encroachments are observed. 

Finally, there is no meeting planned today with the Plaisance vendors and Minister of Public Works, Hon. Bishop Juan Edghill, or any of his staff or representative.