PM Phillips urges telecoms providers to continue to innovate

Prime Minister, Brigadier (Ret’d) Mark Phillips has urged service providers within Guyana’s telecommunications sector to take advantage of the country’s enabling environment in information and communications technology (ICT).

The senior government official was speaking at the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GTT) media conference, in celebration of the company achieving fibre connectivity for 150,000 homes, held at the Marriott Hotel, Georgetown on Friday.

Prime Minister, Brigadier (Ret’d) Mark Phillips

Identifying GTT as an active player in the telecommunications sector, PM Phillips said this milestone represents progress, connectivity, and a brighter future for Guyana.

Outlining the importance of incorporating ICT in everyday life, the prime minister said this move by GTT to expand its reach is a bold move that complements the government’s efforts to achieve countrywide connectivity.

He further emphasized the need for a collaborative effort from key stakeholders in incorporating ICTs in Guyana’s socioeconomic tapestry.

“Our government is cognizant of the growing value of ICTs, particularly in the growing post-pandemic era, which necessitates adapting to the widespread use of ICTs in delivering goods and services. However, this level of connectivity calls for a collective effort from government, private sector companies, telecommunications actors, and other key stakeholders to innovate and ensure that ICTs are harnessed for the development of all,” he underscored.

The Prime Minister noted that the private sector has an indispensable role in driving technological advancement.

“Business[es] must embrace digital transformation, equipping their workforce with the necessary skills to leverage ICTs to increase productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness,” he expressed.

He also credited the liberalisation of the telecommunications sector for providing a platform for this level of expansion.

GTT has connected more than 150,000 homes and businesses to its ‘fibre’ service

Recently, His Excellency, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali announced the removal of taxes on cell phones. This remains a testament to the government’s commitment to creating an enabling environment and continuous investment in Guyana’s telecommunications sector. This also works hand in hand with the removal of Value Added Tax (VAT) on data, adding further progress to bridging the digital divide.

Fiber Programme Manager Vinod Radge Coomar, Chief Operations Officer for Business Solutions, Orson Ferguson, Public Utilities Commission (PUC) Chairperson, Dela Britton, Chief Operations Officer- Home Solutions and Fixed Networks, Eshwar Thakurdin, and Public Relations and Communications Specialist, Jasmine Harris were all present at the event.