The Guyana Police Force Welfare Department earlier today continues its Divisional Outreaches in Linden at the Mackenzie Police Station.

In speaking with the ranks, Sergeant Natasha Alder of the Welfare Department reminded them of the main purpose of the Welfare Office which was ideally designed to assist ranks with domestic or psychological needs. She expounded on the services rendered to ranks from the department such as the Welfare loans, Bursary Awards, Benevolent Funds, Fire Assistance and Bursary for Police Children.

The ranks were also advised to visit the Welfare Office and make use of the services offered not only monetary but also the Welfare Officer who is also available to listen to ranks who may need an advice on social issues.

Mr. G. Bourne, Manager of the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) educated the ranks on the benefits payable by NIS. In his presentation he elaborated on the terms and conditions in claiming for benefits.

The Scheme provides for the payment of the following benefits, which are grouped under three branches as follows: Long Term, Short Term and Industrial. Under the Long Term benefits there is Old Age, Invalidity, Survivors, Funeral and Constant Attendance. While under the Short Term there is Sickness, Sickness Benefit Medical Care, Maternity and Industrial benefits covers Injury, Disablement and Industrial Death Benefits.

Also Mr. Wazir Khan who represented GTM gave the ranks a breakdown on benefits offered by the Insurance Scheme.

The Department’s Outreaches will continue in ‘F’ Division at the Bartica Police Station on Tuesday April 2, 2019.