PPP used salary increase to divide and rule

DPI, Guyana, Friday, December 7, 2018

Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan today said that the opposition, while in government, used salary increases as a tool to divide and rule segments of the society.

Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan

According the most, the payment of one month’s bonus to members of the disciplined services was done at the expenses of all public servants who for several years were only given 5 per cent or less in annual salary increases.

“The PPP / Civic government paid a one-month bonus to disciplined services, monies that were intended to pay increases to the entire public service. I know what I am saying Mr. speaker. I was there.The PPP creamed off monies that were intended to pay the public service to pay one month bonus to the disciplined services. It was intended to keep a certain section of the society in line. Even monies which were left back was sent back to the treasury,” Minister Jordan declared.

In addition, the minister reflected on claims that the PPP, while in government, engaged in buying votes to boost its electoral chances.

Previously, there were several reports of youths and other disadvantaged residents of depressed communities, such as Albouystown and Agricola, being paid to wear PPP T-shirts and cast their ballots in favour of the then government.

“The subliminal message that that move sent bothered me and continues to bother me because when I learnt that certain red jerseys were handed out with a few Grangers [$5,000] was handed out for votes it bothered me… is this what our forefathers fought for? I am telling all of my brothers and sisters outside not to fall prey to this. I’m not saying not to take it, but don’t fall prey. It will come back in 2020… take the money but don’t fall prey,” Minister Jordan added.

The Finance Minister, in a recent letter to the editor in response to claims made by Trade Unionist Lincoln Lewis, had pointed out that the receipt of a one month pay bonus by members of the disciplined services was short term and did not have an effect on their pensions compared to that of the increase in salaries granted to all public servants.

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Image: Keno George