‘President Ali always on time with his commitments’ – satisfied Region Six residents

Paul Tyndell walked away extremely happy on Thursday after receiving some $250,000 as severance payment, since he lost his job when the former APNU+AFC Government shut down operations at four sugar estates.

The 54-year-old man finally received his cheque from President, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali minutes after he raised the issue, during the head of state’s outreach to the ancient county.

Paul Tyndell

“I feel happy to know that we have a president not on promise; he is on time, and he speaks his words and it come to pass. I believe that’s what the people need, a man with a vision. One who speaks words and it come to pass,” the father of five explained.

He also expressed thanks to the Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha, noting that he too contributed to investigating the issue.

Additionally, the president came in for high commendation when he provided a sufficient quantity of fertilisers to two farmers in less than 30 minutes, who are cultivating at Highbury, along the East Bank of Berbice.

Farmer, Sean Grant told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that he currently has 675 mature trees including mostly lemons and 160 soursop trees under cultivation.

Sean Grant

Grant approached Dr Ali requesting fertilizer support and assistance with cleaning of a drain that is in close proximity to his farmland.

“It was handled and resolved efficiently, and definitely to my satisfaction. We received five bags and we were promised that within a week we will get a date for the cleaning of the 1000 rods of drains,” the man related.

He said the importance of President Ali’s strategy of meeting the people at the grass root level cannot be overstated.

The president Thursday morning relocated his office to State House, New Amsterdam, where he listened to the concerns of residents, with the aim of finding immediate solutions.

He brought along representatives from a number of government ministries. Housing matters, specifically the distribution of land titles, were among the main issues addressed.

Fertiliser handed over in keeping with President Ali’s commitment

The consultation efforts demonstrated the administration’s commitment to finding practical solutions that would positively impact the lives of Guyanese.

The unique exercise provided an opportunity for leaders to get first-hand feedback from those they serve, allowing them to make informed decisions that address the needs of their constituents.

The president believes that this type of interaction also promotes transparency and accountability, as residents are given the opportunity to hold their leaders accountable for the promises made to them.