President Ali calls on protesters to let the justice system work

─ accused police officers are still in custody

President, Dr. Irfaan Ali is calling on protestors to desist from any misconduct and to not act on misleading information but rather await the justice system to complete its work.

The President was speaking following a protest which stemmed from false information stating that the police officer accused of using excessive force and killing Quindon Bacchus, has been placed on open arrest as investigations are still ongoing.

“I’m urging the residents who are on the road to please stick to the facts, do not be misled by any social media posting or any information that is not verified.”

The president assured residents that the officer are still in custody. He said the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) is conducting its investigation. He further explained that the process has commenced and tremendous progress has been made.

Police Complaints Authority (PCA) Chairman, retired Justice William Ramlal’s is expected to present the findings of the investigation to the DPP by Monday.

“We must allow the system and the institution to work and complete their responsibility, this is independent, this is an independent process and I’m assured by the chairman who had advised me that very early in the new week, he’s hoping that by Monday he’d be in a position to present his report to the DPP,” the President explained to citizens.

Further, the President said there is no basis for the actions of the protesters. The President understands the need for justice and fairness but at the same time actions must be taken on factual information.

“I’m asking residents to please go home, to please clear the roadways, and to please allow the system to work.”