President Ali, colleagues working on ‘mechanism that will see return to law’ in Haiti – Jagdeo

General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party Civic and Vice President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo, told members of the media on Thursday at a press conference that CARICOM is working feverishly to ensure that there is a viable solution to the Haitian crisis, and a democratic government is in place.

This comment comes even as CARICOM and world leaders in this hemisphere have expressed concerns about the Haiti crisis and the challenges that are prevailing with restoring stable, peaceful, and democratic governance there.

Reports coming out of Haiti indicate that gangs have taken over the country, as Prime Minister Ariel Henry is out of the country and cannot return, and members of his administration are in hiding, as the gangs threaten genocide and civil war if Henry does not resign.

Ariel Henry took control of Haiti after the assassination of President Jovenel Moise on July 7, 2021. Since then, Henry has not moved forward with the process of holding elections.

According to a report in the Maimi Herald, the 15-member Caribbean Community, of which Haiti is a member has asked Henry to resign.

“I can assure you that the president of Guyana, who is chairing CARICOM now, has been engaged in a series of meetings aimed at bringing relief to the people of Haiti and resolving the crisis in that country,” Jagdeo said

Dr Jagdeo stated that the situation is complicated, and the Guyanese President as Chairman of CARICOM, has spent many hours in talks with various parties including Caricom leaders, the United States and Ariel Henry, on solving the issue.

“He has been working day and night to ensure that there is a common position accepted by all, that role doesn’t get recognized, it’s unseen, it’s a complex situation there. There are many moving parts and many, varying opinions.

You have the opposition, you have Ariel Henry’s position, you have Caricom’s position, and you have the US position. You have to reconcile all of these and then the situation on the ground, and President Ali has been at this day and night,” Dr Jagdeo stated.

He noted that it is a complex situation in Haiti, a ‘disaster’ where criminals have taken over the country and have emptied the jails and are calling for the resignation of Ariel Henry.

Practically, he stated, Haiti does not have a government now.

“Haiti does not have a government at this stage, Ariel Henry who is the legitimate person. He can’t go back to the country. He is outside…the president of Guyana and his colleagues are trying to put together a mechanism that will see a return to law and order in the country and to have a government in that country,” Dr Jagdeo stated.

President Ali on Wednesday told the nation that there must be a consensus among the key players in Haiti.

“We have been urging all Haitian stakeholders and the urgent need for a consensus given that they all agree that the solution must be Haitian-led and Haitian-owned. Consensus, and getting a consensus is therefore of paramount importance,” President Ali stated.

President Ali also affirmed CARICOM’s commitment as a collective to utilising all its efforts and energies on the pressing matter of Haiti.