President Ali interacts with spectators, revellers during Mashramani road parade

President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali, on Friday afternoon, interacted with revellers from the various bands and spectators along the Mashramani costume and float parade route.

President Ali, was joined by several members of his entourage, on a walkabout main street and other places. 

President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali interacting with spectators and revelers along the Mashramani costume and float parade route

The President took photos and was, like every other Guyanese who ventured out Mash Day this year, marveled at the spectacle of beauty and tourism before him, and the scenes of Guyanese culture and style.

During Thursday’s night flag-raising ceremony at Public Buildings, Brickdam, in commemoration of Guyana’s 54th Republic Anniversary, President Ali underscored that every Guyanese will continue to benefit from the country’s resources and initiatives.  

The head of state also stressed that the government has kept its promises to the people in less than four years and that it plans to continue on this excellent trajectory.

This year’s Mashramani float parade included vibrant, sophisticated, and lively costumes in the numerous bands that were moving along the parade route to the sounds of soca, calypso and other rhythms, creating a breathtaking showcase of Guyana’s rich and unique cultural heritage.

The highly anticipated road parade attracted many families, revelers, vendors and tourists from all sections of society and age range.

The road parade commenced at Church and Main Streets, east on Church Street, north on Irving Street, west on Thomas Lands, before concluding at the National Park.

Children’s Mashramani’s competitions, calypso, dancehall, chutney and soca concerts, flag raising ceremony, costume and float parade, Masharama, Panorama, Mash Horse Race, literacy festival, and Buxton/Foulis Mash are among the myriad of activities during this period.

This year, Mashramani is being celebrated under the theme ‘Celebrating Our Peoples and Our Prosperity.’