President Ali knocks Guyana’s race issue

− says all must come together to end scourge

His Excellency, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, says all Guyanese must come together to address the scourge of racism in Guyana, as the coming developments would serve best in a unified country.   

The Head of State was a guest Monday evening on Globespan 24×7 programme, where he promoted his Government’s developmental agenda for the country. 

That plan, the President said, cuts across all regions and races and will improve the lives of all Guyanese. However, Dr. Ali said the issue of race, continues to permeate the society and must come to an end. 

His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, President of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana

“Sometimes, we look to the Government alone for the solution. To address the issue of race requires changes at the individual level. That comes through education and an understanding that the society in which you live is looking out for you,” Dr Ali said.

The President added that his Government is ready and willing to work with every section of the Guyanese society. 

“It is the only way we can bring changes and lasting transformation in our country. My appeal to all Guyanese is judge us by our work, judge us by our policies. We can build the best roads, have the best healthcare systems, but if we don’t change our mindset, if we don’t love and respect each other as Guyanese, if we don’t understand what is the concept of being Guyanese, it is a set of guiding principles that cement us as a people.” 

The President said there is no other option for Guyana than for citizens to come together. The Government, he assured, is building a country that will use the resources to uplift everyone’s lives. 

“There is only one option on the table, and that is moving all of us together, unified as one peopleTo ensure that Guyanese are comfortable, that the Government is operating and working in a manner and a way in which they can all realise their aspirations, regardless of who you voted for, regardless how you look,” Dr Ali stated.

The President also called out public individuals, who he said use race “opportunistically, to solidify their own positions.” Those persons, Dr. Ali, stated, “deliberately misconceive things and repackage and disseminate it in a manner that promotes sentiments of hate and racial feelings.” 

“Why such a selfish agenda? What is the motive behind that agenda?” he questioned, continuing that those persons generate hate and distrust between the Government people. 

“The issue of race is a responsibility for every Guyanese. It is a responsibility of every leader, for every commentator. We have a responsibility to end this. All of us are consumed by it, and all of us must understand that we must do our part. We must be willing to call out those who use this for their own selfish reason.”

The President meanwhile gave the assurance that opportunities would be provided without fear or favour. He said the Government is building a new generation of leaders across all walks of life who represent Guyana. 

“You’ll be amazed to see the team we’re putting together, that will be trained to take the oil and gas sector forward, the environmental services sector. It represents Guyana. Not only are these young people academically qualified, but they are driven.”

 The Guyanese leader said such experience would drive the future of the country.