President Ali stresses importance of transparency, efficiency as new PSC members sworn in

Members of the Public Service Commission (PSC) were on Thursday sworn in by President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali.

The six members, Manniram Prashad, Maurice Rudranauth Gajadhar, Melcita Agatha Bovell, Chandrawati Leila Ramson, Mohandatt Goolsarran, and Janice Isabella Bowen, took their oaths before President Ali at the Office of the President, Shiv Chanderpaul Drive, Georgetown.

President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali along with members of the newly appointed Public Service Commission

The PSC is a constitutional body outlined in Articles 200 to 205 of the Constitution of Guyana. Its primary responsibility is to oversee Guyana’s public service.

In his address to the newly appointed members, President Ali emphasised the crucial role of the constitutional body, stating that the PSC assumes its role during a significant period of transformative change for Guyana.

The president stated that the transformation necessitates a shift in the cultural composition, specifically emphasising the importance of transparency, accountability, efficiency, reliability, and credibility within the public sector.

“It is our benefit as a country and as a people that we not only hold public officers accountable…but very important in this process of transformation, that productivity and delivery become an important output of the public service,” he said.

On the other hand, President Ali said the government is responsible for ensuring public servants are proficient by ensuring they possess the appropriate skills through access to quality educational opportunities.

Additionally, the public service is transforming in response to technological advancements and the evolving global landscape, the president noted.

Importantly, he said the administration is taking aggressive steps to implement a range of measures aimed at improving the standard of living for public servants. This will include a comprehensive remuneration package.

“Not salaries alone, but a package that allows them to enjoy a higher quality of life here in Guyana,” he outlined.

Within this context, the president underscored that the commission is tasked with the important responsibility of ensuring that the public service is staffed with individuals who have the requisite skills, knowledge, and experience to effectively serve the people and drive the country’s development.

Moreover, he stressed that the government remains committed to creating an environment where the commission can discharge its function without fear or favour.

 “The Government of Guyana recognises and respects the need for an independent and impartial Public Service Commission. The commission can be assured that there will be no political interference in the discharge of this mandate,” he said.

According to Article 200(1), the PSC is composed of six members.  Three members are appointed by the president after consultation with the Leader of the Opposition.

Two members are nominated by the National Assembly, and the remaining member is nominated by the president at his discretion.

The PSC’s powers include making appointments to public offices and exercising disciplinary control over individuals in such positions. These functions are outlined in Article 135(1) of the Constitution.