President Ali urges collaborative approach to local governance, development

as newly elected mayors, deputies sworn in

President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali administered the Oath of Office to the newly-elected mayors and deputy mayors of the ten municipalities and the new Vice Chairman of Region Ten, at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre (ACCC)) on Monday.

Speaking at the swearing-in ceremony, President Ali urged the leaders to work together with the central government to foster development and progress in their respective constituents.

President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali and Minister within the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, Anand Persaud along with the mayors

“We must all, regardless of political affiliation work together to improve services to our communities…We [the government] are ready to partner with you based on mutual respect, accountability, and inclusivity,” the head of state emphasised.

President Ali highlighted the significance of local governance, noting that it is vital to ensuring the benefits of development permeate through towns, villages, and communities.

He stated that town councils function as a crucial element of that process, tasked with upholding good governance, delivering essential services, and nurturing thriving communities.

Failing to fulfil this mandate could result in detachment from national development and estrangement from the very constituents they represent, President Ali underscored.

“A fresh approach to governance is essential. It is one which aligns with the needs of modern times, financial accountability, diligence in revenue collection, protection and preservation of public assets, timely and efficient services, greater responsiveness to citizens, and an end to internal discord,” he said.

Over the past few years, the PPP/C Government has spearheaded a significant transformation across all sectors, including national housing, infrastructure, water, education, and healthcare.

President Ali emphasised the importance of municipalities and Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) fully grasping the government’s policy agenda and understanding the national development priorities that need to be advanced to further push the nation forward.

“We are building a foundation and setting the framework for a country 2030 and beyond, that will advance development not only for those living here but will advance development for this entire region,” he asserted.

The head of state reminded the leaders that citizens expect positive changes to emerge from the just concluded Local Government Elections (LGE). Therefore, it is for the respective councils to deliver on these aspirations, particularly in the areas of community infrastructure, drainage, markets, daycare centres, waste disposal, and community enhancement.

The mayors sworn in were Trevi Leung, Mabaruma; Alfred Mentore, Georgetown; Devin Mohan, Anna Regina; Iman Amin, Corriverton; Dave Budhu, Rose Hall; Wainwright McIntosh, New Amsterdam; Anthony Murray, Bartica; Eslyn Romascindo-Hussain, Mahdia, John Macedo, Lethem, and Sharma Solomon, Linden.

The Deputy Mayors sworn in are Liane Persaud, Denise Miller, Satyanand Ramraj, Roydel Lewis, Kirk Fraser, Gail Ann Persaud, Akita John, Indeera Singh, and Dominque Blair respectively.

The new Vice Chairman of Region Ten, Mark Goring replaces Douglas Gittens, who passed away in June 2021.

Cabinet members including Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Mohabir Anil Nandlall, SC; Senior Minister in the Office of the President with Responsibility for Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh; Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance, Gail Teixeira; and Minister within the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, Anand Persaud were present at the ceremony.