President Ali urges Venezuelan government to act in the interest of its citizens

His Excellency, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali has called on the government of Venezuela to act with dignity and in the best interest of its citizens.

Speaking at a demonstration of patriotism in Anna Regina, Region Two Sunday morning, the Guyanese leader asserted that Venezuela has a responsibility to the global community to maintain a zone of peace.

“You cannot speak about wanting peace when you continue to instill fear in the minds of people, when you continue to preach hate and division, and you continue to preach about conflict,” he said.

According to the head of state, Guyana has set an example as a nation bonded in love and strengthened by purpose, as it champions the cause for a peaceful resolution to the issue.

It is from this example that Venezuela can strive to spread messages of peace and positivity, President Ali asserted.

“We are not only praying for the prosperity of the people of Guyana. The people of Guyana are lifting their heads in prayer for the freedom and prosperity, honour and dignity of the people of Venezuela, because that is who we are as Guyanese. I ask the people of Venezuela to send a strong signal that you want a country that we want for you, one that is prosperous, one in which you can fulfill your ambitions, one in which you can live peacefully with your neighbours,” the head of state emphasised.

Venezuela’s referendum which is scheduled for December 3, seeks to gain support from the Venezuelan public for several measures in its claim to Guyana’s territory, and the Venezuelan government has asserted that nothing will stop this referendum.

On Friday, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) delivered its ruling on Guyana’s request for provisional measures, stating that Venezuela shall refrain from taking any action that would affect Guyana’s control of its Essequibo region, pending the court’s final decision in the border controversy case. 

Guyana has received sweeping support and solidarity from the international community in a collective call for the upholding of international law and peace in the face of Venezuela’s aggressive and baseless claims to the Essequibo region.