Primary healthcare to improve as Schepmoed gets new $20.3 million health centre

Primary healthcare in Region Six will be further boosted as a spanking new $20.3 million health centre was commissioned at Schepmoed, East Bank Berbice on Saturday.

This newly established building will take the number of health facilities in the region to 42, where it will serve residents of Schepmoed, Mara, and its environs.

Delivering the feature address at the commissioning ceremony was Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony who stressed the government’s commitment to expanding and advancing primary healthcare services in the country.

“We are extending some of the services that we have at other places and we will have people working from here. And we will constantly work to improve it as well,” Minister Anthony stated.

Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony at the commissioning of the Schepmoed Health Centre along with Regional Chairman, David Armogan and Regional Health Officer Dr Vishalya Sharma along with other officials

He encouraged persons from within the communities to take up training in the health sector so that they can become qualified and work at the facility, while at the same time helping to bring those improved services to the residents.

Additionally, Regional Chairman, David Armogan stated that the new health centre will meet the needs of the people, especially those who often trouble from the popular illnesses such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

This, he said, will allow them to access their medication in a faster manner, rather than going to the New Amsterdam Regional Hospital which is quite some distance for the residents of Schepmoed and Mara.

“So, all these developments are happening within the health sector, billions and billions of dollars are being spent…this means therefore that the government is paying more attention to improving the health facilities in the country to ensure that our people can benefit,” the regional chair explained.

A modern incubator in one of the examination rooms at the health centre

Meanwhile, Regional Health Officer, Dr Vishalya Sharma, noted that disease prevention is extremely important. She said that decentralising the services to the various health centres is more than just reaching the residents, but rather taking down statistics to know how the region can minimise both communicable and non-communicable diseases.

“We stand here every single day to provide that service to each and every resident of Region Six…This facility is just part of the strengthening of the primary healthcare sector that has been taking place in your community,” Dr Sharma told the residents present at the commissioning. The centre consists of a waiting area, examination rooms along with newly procured and modern medical equipment, and a sanitary block. It is also fully loaded with adequate medications.