PRODUCT RECALL: Substandard hand sanitiser – Purcill brand


The Government Analyst Food and Drug Department (GA-FDD) wishes to alert the general public of the immediate recall of the PURCILL Brand Hand Sanitiser from our local market.

The Department on 24 March 2020, received a consumer complaint regarding the sanitiser’s use and efficacy. A decision was taken by the department to analyse the product in our Excise Laboratory.

Our Excise Laboratory on the 26 March, 2020 issued results which revealed that the percentage (%) of alcohol is only 0.53 % in the Purcill Brand Hand Sanitiser and not 62% as stated on the label.

This is way below the stipulated strength of at least 60% of alcohol as is required for efficacy and constitutes a direct violation of the Laws of Guyana Food and Drug Act of 1971 Chapter 34:03 Section III Part 10 (1) and the Food and Drug Regulation of 1977 section 58 (2).

The Department was able to peruse invoices furnished by Andrews Enterprise of Lot 00 Hadfield Street Worthmanville and 1 E ½ Durelane & Austin Street Campbellville, representing the sale of two thousand three hundred and fifty bottles (2350 X 237ml).

The Department’s efforts to effect seizures of this product from the shelves of retail outlets and visits to the alleged distributors were stymied because of the current situation.

Consumers are therefore advised not to use this product since the expected results cannot be guaranteed, particularly for the sanitising of hands during the Covid-19 Emergency. However, the alleged distributor(s) will be contacted and asked to make immediate contact with the department.

This product is purportedly made in China as claimed by the label “Made in China” and “Distributed by Congreat Enterprises Inc, Miami, FL-33178 U.S.A.” Manufactures and Importers of sanitisers are asked to ensure labels of sanitising agents are dully approved by the department and obtained the necessary license or permits before releasing for sale on our local market.

Consumers are reminded to ensure that labels of sanitisers declare the percentage (%) alcohol and the name of all the active ingredients.