Project Plant – A helping hand amid COVID-19

—Helping disadvantaged families

—Promoting self-sufficiency and sustainability

 DPI, Guyana, Thursday, May 21, 2020

COVID-19 has brought on many challenges. Luckily, there are initiatives such as Project Plant that offers a helping hand and healthy solutions in efforts to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Since its genesis, Project Plant has helped 1,275 households throughout Regions 3, 4, 5 6 and 10.

The initiative was launched on April 17, 2020, by Guyana Premier; the franchise owners for the Miss Earth Guyana Organisation. Through the Miss Earth Guyana’s platform – ‘Beauties for a Cause’ it helps vulnerable persons to be self-sufficient by creating their own kitchen gardens and practising healthier eating.

Managing Director of Guyana Premier and Miss Earth Guyana Organisation, Dr. Omesh Balmacoon, noted the association has “always focused on making the world greener. Therefore, Project Plant aims to get persons planting and growing their kitchen gardens to become sustainable especially during this pandemic.”

Project Plant also distributes fresh fruits and vegetables, called green hampers. The hampers help families until their kitchen gardens are ready since plants require ample time to grow.

The initiative will be implementing its seventh phase this weekend. Phase seven includes the distribution of green hampers for persons living with Diabetes. Additionally, free Glucose Monitor Kits and Test Strips will be available for each recipient.

Dr. Balmacoon noted that diabetics are among the vulnerable population, which makes it harder to overcome COVID-19.

He related that phases one and two saw the distribution of kitchen garden kits for low income and single-parent families. Phase three was focused on green hampers for disadvantaged families.

Phase four tackled disadvantaged mothers and children. Phase five included the distribution of green hampers to Plastic City and Anna Catherina, just to name a few. While phase six gifted kitchen garden kits to low income and single-parent families.

Additionally, with the recent launch of the COVID-19 Relief Kitchen Garden initiative by the Rural Affairs Secretariat of the Ministry of Agriculture Dr. Balmacoon encouraged persons to take advantage of the ministry’s programme and start a kitchen garden to aid in their sustainability and good health.

Persons interested in Project Plant can contact Dr. Omesh Balmacoon via Facebook at Guyana Premier, and Miss Earth Guyana, and also on Whatsapp at 612-0247.