Projects for relocation of women prisoners, construction of infirmary underway

The relocation of women prisoners to the Lusignan Prison, as well as the construction of an infirmary at this East Coast Demerara holding facility are underway. This is according to details shared by the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) during tender openings earlier this week.

According to the minutes prepared by the NPTAB, 10 local companies submitted bids to relocate the women prisoners to Lusignan. These companies include R. Kissoon Contracting Service; SD Investment; International Imports and Supplies; A&N Enterprise; Sawa Investment Incorporated; Nabi Constriction Incorporated; Navin and Sons Construction; Kawal Ramdeen General Construction and Office Furnishing; DKE Enterprise; and M&P Investment Incorporated.

Minister of Home Affairs, Hon. Robeson Benn

The engineer’s estimate for this project was at $226,088,415 while the highest and lowest tendered bids were $578,097,922 and $158,224,463.

As it relates to the construction of the infirmary, six companies submitted bids to the Government to secure this project. These include R. Kissoon Contracting Service; IMK 2020 Incorporated; Anil Lalsa Construction’ Navin and Sons Construction; Internal Imports and Supplies; and Builders HW General Supplies and Construction.

The engineer’s estimate for this project is GY$34,993,623 while the highest and lowest tendered bids were GY$52,740,940 and GY$34,431,254.

Protecting the citizens and ensuring that those deviating from the law are prosecuted have been one of many priorities of the government. To show this commitment, the Government allocated $15.3 billion to the Guyana Police Force. Of this sum, $300 million would be expended on its land and water fleet countrywide. Five billion was also allocated to enhance operations of the Guyana Prison Service, including upgrades to the Lusignan and New Amsterdam prisons, while $830 million was allocated for the rehabilitation and maintenance of the Providence, Ruimveldt, Cove and John, Albion, Whim, Parika and Wismar police stations, among others. Some $50 million was set aside to train inmates in the areas of anger management, literacy, agriculture and culinary arts.

These are just a few of the plethora of programmes, policies and initiatives identified by the Government in the 2021 budget under the Ministry of Home Affairs.