Prospective Indian Investor meets Minister of Agriculture


Ministry of Agriculture, June 30, 2016 – Minister Holder met with Mr. Mohan Rao Amaraswamy and Dr. Rudy R. Jadoopat to discuss investment opportunities in Guyana. Mr. Amarasamy is keenly looking to establish some business base in Caribbean Islands especially in Food industry. His interests are in agro-processing and food processing, shrimp exportation and diary processing. Mr. Amarasamy has more than two decades of vast experience in food oriented lines and nearly 14 years in Food Processing line. His company exports to USA, Europe and Caribbean Islands.

If all is favourable, he will be transferring the model utilized in India to Guyana. The company will work with the farmers (provide materials and technical assistance etc) and will only be involved in the processing aspect. Operations are driven by international market thus international standards, quality, and technology are all principles of the business daily procedures.

Mr.  Amarasamy will be working closely with the technical staff of the Ministry to complete his feasibility study and present a more detailed proposal to the Government of Guyana for consideration. He is expected to visit Guyana again in September 2016.


Minister Noel Holder with the Indian investors and Ms Natasha Beerjit-Deonarine (Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator)