Public Health Emergency Operations Centre gets new transport

Bus donated by Courts Guyana Inc.

DPI, Guyana, Thursday, April 9, 2020

The Government’s Public Health Emergency Operations Centre (PHEOC), which was formed to combat the coronavirus (COVID-19), today received a minibus, outfitted to provide emergency transport.

Managing Director of Courts Guyana, Clyde De Haas officially handed over the keys to Dr. Leston Payne, Deputy-Director of PHECO.

Dr. Payne stated, “We intend to use this donation to bolster our efforts in terms of the rapid response teams that will aide everyone in terms of rendering support to them in a timely manner, because we have the teams up and running; everyone is trained, everyone is prepared so the timeliness of this donation cannot go understated.” Dr. Payne noted.

He thanked De Haas and his team at Courts Guyana and also urged other companies to follow in the footsteps of Courts, noting specifically that the fight against COVID-19 will take a collective approach.

Meanwhile, De Haas said the simple gesture was a catalyst for other members of the private sector.

“UNICOMER Guyana is supporting the fight against COVID-19 and I believe that the Ministry of Health can use all the help… they need to keep this disease under control so that it does not get out of hand, and we hope that with this gesture we can bolster the work at the Ministry,” De Haas stated.

The bus has been outfitted to hold a patient if needed in the back, along with two health workers.