Public urged to adhere to traffic regulations at all times

DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Following a press briefing, on March 18, President of the Minibus Union, Eon Andrews said the Guyana National Road Safety Council (GNRSC) are in support of a few recommendations to instil discipline in road users.

One of those proposals is the revoking of the licence for drivers caught or reported to be indulging in dangerous driving.

Another recommendation is for police to keep a record of all traffic offences these would include overloading buses to fatal accidents. This information would be made available to all police station in order to prevent the practice of errant drivers leaving a route where they have committed an offence to work somewhere else.

“There must be some networking to show that this person within that period of time, has been involved an accident. The police records are very important documents we need to look at. I always say the minibuses cannot operate in isolation, their very survival depends on the commuters and they ought to treat them with more respect,” Andrews stated.

He re-emphasised that drivers of both taxis and minibuses have a responsibility for the safety of passengers from when pickup location to the point of delivery and at all times they must be courteous to commuters.

Andrews also suggested hospitality training for drivers and conductors of minibuses, especially in light of the fact that more visitors are coming to Guyana’s shores.

“… Being in uniform is not an imposition. We simply want them to do the right thing because, with tourism on the increase and first oil expected soon, it will bring more foreigners who will expect standards in our services.”

On the note of what the council is doing to raise awareness on road safety, Coordinator of the GNRSC, Romona Doorgen, said they are looking at road safety campaigns by way of billboards and infomercials.

The organization has taken the initiative to ask prominent persons and well-known personalities opposition to put stickers on their bumpers to promote road safety. They have also asked tv and radio operators to highlight the ‘Don’t drink and drive, designate a driver’ message.

Road safety and the code of conduct talks have already begun at the Ministry of Business, Doorgen added, and the GNRSC will be at Stabroek square, Vreed-en-Hoop and Linden among other areas in an effort to raise road safety awareness. Dooregen said the Stop the Tears campaign is still ongoing.

Kipenie Jordan.

Images: Leon Leung.