Public works ministry, IDB launch highway safety campaign

The Public Works Ministry in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank on Tuesday launched a highway safety video campaign at the East Ruimveldt Secondary School.

Manager of Traffic/Safety and Maintenance at the Public Works Ministry, Kester Hinds said that there has been a 66 per cent increase in deaths of children in accidents for 2022.

Minister Edghill conducts road safety demonstration with students of East Ruimveldt Secondary School

He noted that the ministry has identified key road practice issues, such as recklessness, inattentiveness from pedestrians and improper walking and crossing practices, and outlined some of the tactics that will be utilised to address these.

Minister Edghill said that the launch of the campaign demonstrates that the government values the life of every single Guyanese.

Minister Edghill poses with students of East Ruimveldt Secondary

“The launching of these videos is not only for the children, but they are for the drivers, commuters, and all citizens”, the minister said.

He noted that with the new and improved infrastructure, improper usage could pose danger to life and limb. The minister emphasised the need for a mature approach to road safety.

“We’ve had a couple of accidents already- accidents that should not have happened had peopled obeyed the laws of usage of the roads.”

The ministry is also looking to engage schools during the road safety campaign.

East Ruimveldt Secondary student utilises the crosswalk

Minister Edghill urged students to integrate and maintain safe road practices into their daily lives.

Chief of Operations and Acting Representative of the Inter-American Development Bank, Lorena Solórzano-Salazar, Traffic Chief, Superintendent Dennis Stephen, members of the Guyana Police Force and other officials from the ministry were also at the launch.