Quality assurance stressed as new BIT directors installed

Ministry of Social Protection, Guyana, Monday, September 5, 2016

Some 6,000 Guyanese have received technical training through Board of Industrial Training (BIT)-sponsored programmes in the last three years, providing expertise especially for the timber and mining firms here.

Minister within the Social Protection Ministry, Keith Scott, made the disclosure recently while installing new Board Member of the BIT which he challenged to ensure “quality assurance” is maintained in the courses available to trainees.20160831_143619

“Between the years 2013 and the present, BIT has trained 6,000 persons and has established closer ties with the Central Recruitment and Manpower Agency (CRMA) in respect of job placements for their trainees. BIT’s expansion of the HDEO (Heavy Duty Equipment Operator) programmes is directly catering for the timber and mining industries, and ties in with the Ministry’s focus on Occupational Health and Safety Practices,” Scott said.

Scott lauded BIT’s expansion which also caters for the ‘differently-abled’ persons who are determined to lead productive lives.

According to the Minister, BIT’s drive and emphasis on technical skills in every field have been surpassing other agencies.

He is impressed with the reviews BIT has been receiving and expects the new Board to further address the increasing demands for industrial skills nationwide.

Clinton Williams has been returned as Chairman of BIT. The other Board members are: Ganesh Singh; Michael Turner; Penelope Harris; Rushanna DeJesus;  Friedel Issacs; Krishna Sharma; former Labour Minister Manzoor Nadir; Permanent Secretary (PS) of the Ministry of Social Protection, Lorene Baird, and  a representative from the Ministry of Business.

Williams said he too is pleased with the direction BIT has taken and the positive feedback received, “which only emphasises that we are heading in the right direction. BIT has received full  support from both the past government (when it was in power) and the present government and the submissions for the 2017 budget was derived directly from BIT’s five year Strategic Plan (2015 to 2020).  This signifies that BIT as an apolitical agency, directly contributes to the wellbeing of all Guyanese.”

Scott noted that the new BIT leadership brings a wealth of experience, including that of former Minister Nadir, who is representing the Parliamentary Opposition on the Board.

“This experience should be channeled towards improving the quality of training offered to persons to ensure greater prospects for employment of graduates and greater recognition of qualifications, especially for those seeking to further their training,” Scott said.

BIT was established under the Industrial Training Act Chapter 39:04 of the Laws of Guyana. Its membership comprises representatives of employers, and employees’ organisations along with Government representation. The Board offers technical and vocational skills training to youths, adults and apprentices equipping them with marketable skills in a variety of occupations, in various sectors including engineering, building construction, electrical, heavy duty equipment operation, information technology and clerical, medical and forestry.

BIT caters particularly to young persons who have not completed their secondary education. Those persons can apply through the Regional Democratic Councils, online at www.bit.gov.gy, via email at admin@bit-gy.com, or visit the main office at Lot 33 North Road, Lacytown.