Queenstown Secondary Students empowered to use wisdom, strength and favour as three principles for success

(Georgetown, June 8, 2017) – The Ministry of Education’s Youth Department in partnership with the Buxton Arts Theatre Group today held another edutainment exercise, this time with students of the Queenstown Secondary School.

Over the last few weeks, Officers from the Education MInistry’s Youth Department and the Buxton Theatre Arts Group have been visiting several city schools conducting the edutainment sessions under the theme “REACH”.  REACH is an acronym for R-respect, E-empowerment, A-aspire, C – Concur all fear and H – hold on to your dreams.

Today’s exercise was focused on C-Concur all fear. Speaking on this topic, several students showed bravery by sharing some of their fears and the methods that they used to overcome those.

A drama illustrating peer pressure, the negative impact of social media and teenage pregnancy was presented by the Buxton Arts Theatre Group. The group also performed inspirational and motivational poems and songs.

The session also featured a young Pastor Marvin Smith who shared three important principles that can lead to their success. Those were wisdom, strength and favour. While explaining the meaning of those three principles, Pastor Smith declared that each student has greatest in them regardless of their background or level of development.

He also encouraged them to read noting that this helps the optimisation of their brain, and at the same time to get involved in sports.

During his motivational talk, Pastor Smith recalled his experiences at school and the successes he made after deciding to fully use his brain.

The Pastor expressed his belief that Guyana has the most valuable minds in the Caribbean. He urged that those brains must be put to go use.

At the end of the session, several of the students expressed their appreciation for the lessons taught to them through song, poetry, drama and the motivational talk.